All I Wanted Were Smiles and Shared Feelings: A Full-Throttle Sprint through My Experience as an Organizer at JAWS FESTA 2023 in Kyushu

Hello, it’s Hiromi, an AWS Community Hero, passionately delivering AWS love and zeal to the world.

On October 7th, 2023, JAWS FESTA was held in Hakata, Kyushu, marking its first occasion in four years, where I participated as a member of the executive committee. My role was a Track Owner, specifically of the “Festival Track.” This article documents my experience at JAWS FESTA as the owner of the festival track. Notably, this is my first involvement in organizing JAWS FESTA since it was held in my hometown of Osaka in 2018.



JAWS FESTA is an annual conference, hosted mainly by the AWS user group “JAWS-UG”, where AWS users conduct events for other AWS users in various localities. The event had been postponed since its 2019 Sapporo edition due to the impact of the pandemic, but this year, it made a much-anticipated return. After four years, JAWS FESTA was conducted in Kyushu, chosen through a vote by the core members of JAWS-UG.

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What I Wanted to Achieve with the Festival Track

  • I wanted to provide content that would be an authentic festival experience, enjoyable for everyone regardless of age, gender, or years of experience with AWS.
  • I aimed to create an environment where everyone could learn, interact, and most importantly, smile.
  • I hoped to facilitate a space where new relationships would naturally form.

Moreover, we gave it our all to have fun! We delivered with full-force as ambassadors of AWS love and passion.

What does the festival track include?

1st: “Shouting AWS to the World from a Corner of Fukuoka City”

Behind the Content Creation

I pondered – why not create a space where, without being confined to pitch-style frames, individuals could express themselves in their own style while discussing AWS? The intention was to lower the bar for speaking and provide a diverse space where many could share their experiences and thoughts. Audience participation was encouraged by introducing a voting system to select the best presenter. Initially, we genuinely intended to shout outdoors and measure dB levels, but due to logistical issues, we opted to establish simple criteria and determine a No.1 presenter instead.

A Room Filled with Conversation and Cheers

Eight peaple free-style presentations, all using slides in various ways, with diverse professions and content, all unified by a common theme: AWS. Presentation order was determined by drawing lots. The speakers’ straightforward and passionate messages directly resonated, eliciting conversations and smiles throughout the warm, cheerful room.
Each individual had a unique way of interacting and engaging with AWS, and the myriad activities and thoughts shared directly provided a truly valuable opportunity.

2nd: “JAWS FESTA Edition! Team Competition AWS Ultra Quiz”

Behind the Content Creation

Anyone who has attended an AWS-sponsored large conference would be familiar with the AWS Ultra Quiz. Up to now, the Ultra Quiz was only conducted individually, but this time, we held it as a team competition to enhance enjoyment and naturally spawn new connections and interactions.
We formed teams with the goal of ensuring that everyone, regardless of their level, could learn about AWS in a fun way.

A Space Overflowing with Unified Smiles

Teams composed of individuals meeting for the first time competed in the AWS Ultra Quiz. The MC, AWS comedian Mr. Shimizu, electrified the venue with his stable hosting. For challenging questions, SAs, specialists, and legends assisted teams, offering an engaging layer of strategy to the competition through the utilisation of assistance cards.

 3rd: “JAWS FESTA Green Tea Party Table, the Cafe ‘Same=Shark’”

Behind the Content Creation

I allocated specific time slots and spaces during session intervals to create an opportunity for various attendees to interact. Providing local tea and sweets, we hoped to stimulate conversations, even among newcomers, in a relaxed atmosphere. Gifts from regions outside Kyushu were also set out, hoping to become a topic of conversation.

Continuous Conversations, Lively Dialogues at Every Table

I initially prepared several conversation themes for tables where discussions might not spontaneously occur. However, such concerns proved unnecessary. While enjoying Kyushu’s teas and sweets, everyone engaged in conversations with various attendees. Whether meeting for the first time, conversing with presenters, or reuniting after a long time, numerous interactions birthed conversations and perhaps established a new form of communication.

4th: “The Right Tools for The Right Job – It’s the Vendor Warring States Era! Who pairs well with AWS?!”

Behind the Content Creation

Now is the age where we aim for a happy build by skillfully combining various services and tools. 
In constructing services and solutions, we wanted to create a space where providers, developers, and users could know and contemplate architectures that not only involve AWS but also incorporate other services and tools to be more effective or efficient.
While there are still many other AWS-compatible construction methods, due to time constraints, special individuals from Cloudflare, Momento, and Snyk have graciously taken the stage as hot topics.

New Discoveries and Premonitions of Inspiration, Everyone’s Exciting Gaze

The pitches presented from three distinct perspectives seemed to strike a chord in the hearts of the participants.

Whether it’s someone learning for the first time, someone deepening their understanding, or someone who knows and further disseminates, I believe it became a place providing many hints for development and solution deployment from tomorrow.
Also, the perspective from someone inside AWS was desired, and the opinions and impressions from someone from AWS resonated with the participants, further deepening the learning in such moments.


Lastly, There are so many thoughts and events that cannot be fully written here.
There are things about this experience that you won’t understand unless you experience them together.
I genuinely hope you actively attend not only online but also on-site events.
The speed of new learning and encounters is significantly different. I’d be delighted if we could savor the value of experience together.

And gratitude to the festival track operating members, my colleagues, who ran through this with me.

Thank you for the ultimate experience.